These children are getting hurt and dying where you would least expect it – in their own homes.

More than a third of these incidents happen at home and there is a great deal you can do to prevent them. The key to maintaining a safe environment for your children is to stay one step ahead of them at all times. By spotting dangers before an incident happens, you can protect your children from harm or death and protect yourself from severe heartache. That’s why we started Safe and Sound with Amaya.

We’re getting the word out.

The more you and others know, the safer you can make your homes and prevent these incidents from happening. Stay up to date with our continuous efforts and help spread the word!

About Amaya

On September 11th 2012, two year old Amaya Lynne Beaudreault was killed in her home when a 32” television fell on top of her. This tragic loss of our granddaughter opened our eyes to the need to education and raise awareness of tipping related incidents. In her memory, we created the Safe and Sound with Amaya foundation with the mission of educating and providing resources to everyone we can, everywhere we can, so that no other family faces the insurmountable loss that we now endure.

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